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Summa S Class 2 cutters are built on a foundation of rock-solid reliability and offer features to handle virtually any material you feed them with.

GoSign cutting software tailored to your needs

The user-friendly software GoSign is your first choice cutting software, allowing you to manage your preferred workflow with great flexibility. Settings and action sets can be created and tailored according to your specific cutting jobs at any given time.


OPOS Alignment for smart production

The Optical Positioning System is an automated contour alignment system. The OPOS X sensor technology senses 4 to 128 marks on a wide range of materials. Enjoy a fully-automated workflow using OPOS barcodes, enabling you to contour cut multiple jobs without intervention.

Vibrant Colour Touch Screen

The intuitively redesigned menu system and full-colour touch interface allow for effortless navigation. Tactile and easy to use, the touch screen displays large amounts of information in an easily accessible format.

Unmatched Die-Cutting Precision

Summa’s unique FlexCut feature takes cutting technology to the next level. This adjustable feature creates a perforated cut that allows the material to retain the necessary rigidity to transport through the cutter while remaining easy to break apart into individual pieces.

Legendary tracking for ultimate precision

Summa’s exclusive MicroSprocket™ drive drum, coupled with powerful servo motors, delivers jaw-dropping accuracy. Media is conditioned as it advances to assure spot-on tracking precision.

Ethernet Connectivity

Multiple computers can now control one unit across a network, or a crossover cable can be used for direct connection – creating an all-new avenue for faster communication and data transmission speeds.

Camera recognition with OPOS CAM

Summa delivers yet another amazing innovation with the printing industry’s first camera recognition alignment solution for friction-driven vinyl drum cutters.

A servo-powered Roll-up System

After a job is finished, the system will roll up the artwork neatly and prepare the machine for the next unattended job. The integrated panelling feature splits long-length runs into shorter consecutive jobs.

Increased yield with G-performance

With G-Performance, you can go up a level and boost the speed of digital cutting operations on the S Class 2 roll cutters by up to 40%. Its impact is especially noticeable on the faster reading of the registration marks and when cutting wider substrates.

See the difference in this video.

MODELES S2 T75 S2 T120 S2 T140 S2 T160
TYPE DE COUPE Véritable tangentielle avec capacité de mode de coupe du couteau de traînée
LARGEURS DE COUPE 74,2 cm (29,2 pouces), Mode étendu: largeur du matériau 120 cm (47,2 pouces), Mode étendu: laegeur du matériau 135 cm (53,1 pouces), Mode étendu: largeur du matériau 158 cm (62,2 pouces), Mode étendu: largeur du matériau
VITESSE DE COUPE Tous les modèles S Classe 2 coupent à des vitesses allant jusqu'à 1414 mm (56 pouces) par seconde en diagonale
ACCÉLÉRATION MAXIMALE Jusqu'à 5,5 G de diagonale
TYPE D'ALIGNEMENT OPOS - CAM: mise à niveau d'usine sur tous les nouveaux Summa S Classe 2 S75T, S140T et S160T

· Reconnaissance des codes-barres

· Jusqu'à 2 x 64 marques sur la ligne X

· Compensation Y-Line

PERFORMANCE DE SUIVI ± 0,1 mm (± 0,004 po) sur des parcelles jusqu'à 12 m de long (40 pi); sur rouleaux jusqu'à 760 mm de large / long
jusqu'à 4 m de long sur des rouleaux de plus de 760 mm de large
PRÉCISION 0,2% du mouvement ou 0,25 mm, la valeur la plus élevée étant retenue
FORCE DE COUPE 0-600 grammes de force d'appui, par incréments de 5 grammes
Anglais; Français; Allemand; Néerlandais; Italien; Espagnol; Polonais; Tchèque; Letton; Lituanien; Portugais
EXIGENCES D'ALIMENTATION 100-120 / 220-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 85 VA maximum
DIMENSIONS 41 (L) x 68 (P) x 111 (H) cm 55,5 (L) x 26,8 (P) x 43,7 (H) po. 187 (L) x 68 (P) x 111 (H) cm 73,6 (L ) x 26,8 (P) x 43,7 (H) po. 225 (L) x 68 (P) x 111 (H) cm 73,6 (L) x 26,8 (P) x 43,7 (H) po. 225 (L) x 68 (P) x 111 (H) cm 88,6 (L) x 26,8 (P) x 43,7 (H) po.
POIDS À L'EXPÉDITION 69 kg (152 lbs) 86 kg (189 lbs) 90 kg (198 lbs) 114 kg (251 lbs)
ACCESSOIRES STANDARD Logiciel WinPlot ou MacSign Cut, logiciel de paramètres CutterControl, CD avec manuels et pilotes, guide de démarrage rapide, câble d'alimentation, câble USB, brides de guidage des supports (jeu de 2), support de lame standard 36,, 2 lames standard 36˚, Couteau à tronçonner (refendeur manuel), 2 lames de rasoir, socle et panier.
ACCESSOIRES OPTIONNELS Système d'enroulement pour Summa S Class 2 140 et Summa S Class 2 160

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